How Lin Rolls

Hi, my name is Lin...

I'm a recovering globetrotter who spent a decade photographing awesome people for great outdoor adventure gear companies and magazines in wild places...Africa, India, South America, North America...yes, the 'dream job.' Patagonia, Osprey Packs, National Geographic Adventure, The New York Times...the whole enchilada.

But this got old, believe it or not. Too much of a good thing and too few nights at home.

Now I photograph awesome people -- like you, your spouse and whoever joins the shindig -- while the adventure of your outdoor wedding unfolds in the hella beautiful place you've chosen in some fantastic corner of this amazing planet.

This new 'dream job' is filled with way more luv, more nights at home, some flat-out rock star stories about outdoor wedding 'weather adventures' and something very, very cool--a community of friends around the world whose lives I've been lucky enough to touch by creating images that will be part of their family stories for generations. 

My images are a celebration of your celebration...the light in your eyes, the magic between the two of you, the dance of two families intertwining because of your love. 

By weaving these together with the awe-some power of nature where you're marrying, the images create a tapestry that tells your story that is one-of-a-kind yours.

I'm a big believer that there is no bad weather, only bad gear. That decade of photo globetrotting prepped my for whatever your wedding can possibly throw my way. My gear closet and I are definitely ready--so bring it.

Do you love hear ing the sound of a gentle breeze from your sleeping bag? Feeling the pull of river water on your raft? Pedaling your mountain bike through wild open spaces? Hearing the sound of your skis slicing through crystalline powder? Raising your voice to protect these sublime places for your grandkids (and mine)?

Awesome...so do I! And the images we create together will tell the story of passion for the outdoors and seriously good times that is your life.

Plus, rockin' out on the dance floor with a $6,000 camera in my hand is serious fun...especially if the 'floor' is a beach or field of wild grasses.

I'm getting goose bumps just writing about it. Let's do this!

About Love Adventure WeddingsYou're not the typical engaged couple. I'm not the typical wedding photographer. Let's make some amazing images together.
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