Every wedding photographer rocks the Casbah in some ways, technically speaking, and isn't so hot in others. I'm up front with you about how these chips fall when it comes to my services.



  • Just the right amount of communication -- more if you want it, less if you don't
  • Advice about optimal ceremony times based on the sunrise/sunset calendar for any spot on the planet
  • Recommendations for optimal ceremony orientation for the lucky couple based on sun angles and time of day
  • Help with logistics planning based on more than 100 outdoor adventure weddings (I've seen just about everything--except scuba and skydiving) 
  • As long as love is involved, I'm all in. Straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, alien (THAT would be cool!), mocha, brown, black, yellow, white, black and everything in between.

Day of the ceremony

  • Tons of fun, lighthearted and super chill vibe
  • Invisible 'fly on the wall' at all the right times (it's the wedding photojournalist thing)
  • Photo booth option (awesome memories and freakin' hilarious for your guests)
  • 'Instant' slide show option (you and your guests can see the best photos during your reception on computer screen or via digital projector)
  • No drama, no ego, no bossy pants, no loud talking (unless you want it for group photos)
  • Lots of smiling, humor and gratitude 

After the ceremony

  • As much privacy or publicity as you want for the photos
    • I can post ~25 'best of' photos on Facebook the morning after the wedding (assuming an internet connection is possible) for your friends and family to see--great for folks who couldn't/didn't make it to the ceremony 
    • Various wedding blogs (including my own) are psyched to share the love of your adventure wedding and inspire other couples
    • I can keep the photos under lock and key (celebs love this)
  • Quick delivery of digital files on DVD (within 1 week of the ceremony)
  • Hands off approach to using my images (you can print, post, copy and/or send them wherever and whenever you'd like)


Not so Casbah


  • Not a slick or pushy salesman
  • We'll spend as much time as you like talking through pricing options but I'm interested in creating the solution that works well for both of us--not just me

During the ceremony

  • Not a poser. I'm happy to take as many group photos as you'd like, but non-posed candids are my strength.  

After the ceremony

  • Not big on Photoshop (Minor touch-ups, yes. Major airbrush and fancy effects, no.)
  • Not gonna charge you for each print (waay too much hassle)
  • Not experienced with creating fancy, expensive photo albums. Good with creating inexpensive small-run books.
About Love Adventure WeddingsYou're not the typical engaged couple. I'm not the typical wedding photographer. Let's make some amazing images together.
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